Executive vice president

A native of Saguenay, Alexandra Croft was a privileged witness of the professional boxing debut of Stéphane Ouellet and Éric Lucas in 1991. Early on, she discovered an exciting sport and exceptional athletes.

Having not missed any professional boxing program on the territory of Quebec since 1991, she has gradually familiarized with the environment, its many subtleties and started to be active in organizing events.

In 2001, Quebec heavyweight Jean-François Bergeron was looking for an alliance that would allow him to revive his career, which was forced to a period of inactivity due to injury. Alexandra Croft then offered her services as a manager. She had already established close ties not only with professional boxing organizations in Quebec, but also in the United States. This association gave a second wind to Bergeron career by allowing him to participate in the popular series « Heavyweight Explosion » of the promoter Cedrick Kushner.

During this time she also took under his wing the heavyweight Patrice L’Heureux of Shawinigan. It leads him to the Canadian heavyweight title, a feat that no Quebecers had accomplished since 1962.

Beginning in 2004, she joined the new organization of professional boxing in Quebec, GYM, as Vice-President of Communications and Sales. Among its mandates, she was representing the organization in various international conventions, supervised the marketing, direct ticketing and media, while acting as a co-host the televised events GYM on TVA and VOX. Since 2006, she became an associate with GYM, thus joining Yvon Michel and Bernard Barré in this extremely productive company, both in organizing events and management of high-level boxers. Her business acumen, experience, determination and loyalty are unquestionable assets to Groupe Yvon Michel.

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