Executive vice president

Alexandra Croft has always been in the shadows, but she played a major role in the successes of GYM.

She completed her college studies in fashion management at LaSalle College in Montreal. She got involved very young in professional boxing by taking over the management of 2 heavyweight boxers, from 1998 to 2004, Patrice L'Heureux and Jean-François Bergeron.

She will join the ranks of Groupe Yvon Michel and will be part of its group of founders in 2004.

Within the company Alexandra has literally touched everything. She was notably in charge of sales, communications, administration to eventually occupy her current strategic position which is executive vice-president.

It is she who manages and controls the many contractual agreements required for each event. She is also in charge of financial control and the link between the company and the bank and accountants.

Alexandra Croft is a centerpiece of Groupe Yvon Michel where she is involved in all strategic decisions, whether in terms of organizing events or managing the careers of GYM boxers.

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